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Thread: First attempts at 3 color

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    First attempts at 3 color

    So here are my first 2 attempts at 3 color gum. I am quite pleased with the results. I know where to go on my next tries and will hopefully get some clearer images ( for instance - my cyan layer, though properly exposed for a cyanotype, was too dark - I also might try some curves). I am not working for well rendered photographic images here, I have an ink-jet for that, so I am happy letting the gum do what it does. In fact, the dresses picture I kind of messed with a bit to see how I could manipulate the gum. The scans do accentuate the little measely, pocky marks of the gum, though. It doesn't jump out that much in person. These are on COT320 with cyanotype for the blue layer. Aluminum substrate method with no paper treatment whatsoever. The images I used can be found here -
    They are Diana camera shots, scanned and tweaked in PS. I eventually want backpedal a bit and do single color passes over salt prints, but just want to get a better handle on it, and I figure the best way is to dive right in and get a grip on 3 color!

    And Mary (if you look at this) I loved your work in the Alternative show here in Minneapolis. It was beautiful to see in person. I had a salt print in the show, too. Attached files

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    First attempts at 3 color

    The second image...

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    First attempts at 3 color

    Outstanding, Dave. I love that you are mixing in the colors in your alt-process work. Gum prints are juicy and squeezy even if they are not just what you had in mind. I like these both, and I bet that they are more fun in the hand than on the screen.

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    First attempts at 3 color

    Images do look good. Have fun with your gum printing. Lots of variables as you well know.


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    First attempts at 3 color

    Hi Dave,

    These are great! I love the dresses - very moody and "alt". The acid green in the second image really suits the active, sunny feel. You're off and running!
    Thanks for your kind words about my prints. I sure wish I had been able to be there. I looked at your salt print in the catalog - gorgeous!
    Can't wait to see what you do with gum-over-salt. But you're having so much fun with tricolor gum, maybe you'll just keep going.
    Lately I'm realizing a disadvantage of cyanotype for the blue layer. If you over-expose, you're stuck with it (unless you bleach with something like washing soda- never tried it). On the other hand if you over-do the gum you can just develop a little longer to compensate, and maybe save the print.
    So, what do you mean by "Aluminum substrate method with no paper treatment whatsoever." Do you mount the Cot320 on Al (a la Keith Taylor?) and use no sizing? Hmm, more details, please!
    Thanks for the link to your flickr stream. I "contacted" you.

    Have fun with this!


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    First attempts at 3 color

    Yes, I use Fusion 4000 (a Bienfang product) and stick the paper to a sheet of aluminum (Menards). Yes, I learned the substrate method from Keith. He is a wonderful person and has always been very willing to give advice. I'm lucky to have gotten to know him a bit (I live in Minneapolis) and consider him a friend. He has REALLY helped me out a lot. Have you seen this article about his process?

    Yep, all I do is stick the paper on and go. 1:1 gum to sensitizer ratio. I may try 1:1.25. I use a 13% (saturated, with a few crystals undissolved) potassium dichromate. The highlights in my first couple retained a slight stain of color, but barely discernible when looking at the print. These are only 3-1/2" square prints. I changed my workflow in PS for making my negative separations and plan on lessening the amount of pigment I add to the gum, as well as (like you mentioned) underexposing my cyanotype layer a bit. I may get a crack at doing a more in a couple days. I am redoing the swings shot, and have another from the same carnival that I am going to try. If you look at my flickr it will be the pic of the chubby kid on the car ride. I love that shot.

    Will post the results. Thanks for the kind words! Glad you liked my salt print. I may try and reprint that one as my process has changed a ton and I'd like to try it with my new method, and on different paper. So much to try! I'm glad the days are getting longer!

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