Halfway There: How to Mat & Frame Photographs at Peters Valley Craft Center
Marguerite Innes
June 3-7, 2011

Whether interested in submitting work to a gallery show or framing snapshots for your own purposes, the process can be intimidating and expensive. This Peters Valley Craft Center (http://www.petersvalley.org) workshop breaks down the steps necessary to properly frame work. We will begin by looking at your group of prints, and single out the five most cohesive images. These prints will be matted and framed over the course of our 4-days together, with emphasis on high quality craftsmanship. We will discuss how to make sense of the many options presented to you when making decisions on your own. Other topics like writing an Artist's Statement will be discussed, and we will critique our final products. After this workshop, the step-by-step process of matting and framing will be much clearer, and you will have the abilities necessary to complete the process on your own.

Beginner to Advanced
Please visit http://www.petersvalley.org for registration details & costs

Having worked for three years at the Marywood Art Galleries in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Marguerite Innes is familiar with the need for proper presentation and craftsmanship when it comes to framing your work. A recent graduate of Marywood University with her Masters of Fine Art in Photography, Marguerite enjoys the traditional methods of film and experiments with a variety of formats. Marguerite Innes enjoyed working as the Photography Assistant at Peters Valley last summer, and currently teaches Basic Photography at Marywood University.