Getting to Know the View Camera at Peters Valley Craft Center
Richard Ritter
June 24-28
It has been observed that most large format photographers pay far too much attention to their equipment and not nearly enough to what they're photographing. Learn how to be more comfortable, at ease, and familiar with the technology of photography, which clears the mind to spend more attention and care on what is being photographed. This Workshop is designed to look at your own large format habits, to find new and more efficient ways of handling equipment. The theme is simplification while ensuring that the results are reliable and repeatable. We will do this mostly in some of the beautiful setting of Peters Valley. Richard will observe and coach you, using positive suggestions, on how to help you become more efficient and comfortable with your gear. You will be using Polaroid as a tool(for immediate feedback) for this workshop. We can also supply some cameras and equipment to those who haven't tried large format photography. Please make arrangements with Andy or Richard for use of a 4 x 5 outfit.

Beginner to Advanced
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Richard T. Ritter has been photographing with a large format camera for over 25 years. He has developed a distinct perspective in photographing the land and its elements. His black and white images often focus on shapes and textures; small aspects of the natural environment offering unexpected contrasts and patterns which produce a mystical tension.
Richard worked at Zone VI Studios in Newfane with Fred Picker for 15 years. There, Richard was responsible for the design and construction of many fine photographic Zone VI products. It was during this period that Richard devoted time to the art of the large format camera and black and white photography. Richard has stated that he gained invaluable insight to the artistic approach of photography by working with and listening to the critical views of some of the key leaders in the arts. Richard lives in Townshend, Vermont, where he uses his skills as a master craftsman to custom build cameras, to the restoration and repair of large format cameras, and cameras of historical importance. To learn more about Richard visit