Extraordinary Images in Ordinary Places at Peters Valley Craft Center
Tillman Crane
July 8-12

Remember you're excitement making your first photograph? Do you want that thrill back? This workshop, open to all levels of photographic experience, is a great place to begin – whether you are looking to shake old habits, reacquaint yourself with good ones or surprise yourself by successfully pushing through a mental roadblock. Working in and around the Peters Valley, we will concentrate on bringing a difference to our photographs - a difference in perspective, in viewpoint and in feeling. Multiple shooting assignments will be paired with daily class critiques to invigorate your reawakening creativity. Daily readings will feed your intellectual curiosity. You will work hard while having fun stretching old boundaries and self-imposed limitations. Any size format is welcome but due to the nature of the assignments it is best to stick with a 35mm or 2-1/4 for this class. Sorry, Film processing is will be limited so digital formats are encouraged.

Beginner to Advanced
Please visit http://www.petersvalley.org for registration details & costs

Tillman Crane is a large format photographer specializing in platinum prints. Artist, teacher, philosopher and photojournalist, he has been professionally involved with photography for over 30 years. Known for his beautifully rendered images of structure, from quiet corners to industrial giants, towering stones to carved effigies, Tillman combines his gift of seeing with craft built on years of experience. His four limited edition books work together to provide a glimpse of how this artist sees his world: Tillman Crane/Structure (2001), Touchstones (2005), Odin Stone (2008), A Walk Along the Jordan (2009). Tillman is known for his easy going and fully committed teaching style. His workshops are engaging, informative experiences which push and challenge participants beyond the confines of old patterns. Visit http://www.tillmancrane.com for more about his work.