Platinum Printing in the 21st Century at Peters Valley Craft Center
Tillman Crane
July 15-19

The 21st century has opened up opportunities for photographers working in all formats, traditional film or digital, to make platinum prints. In this workshop we will work with both the traditional and the NA2 platinum/palladium printing processes. Topics to be covered include: paper choices, image color, contrast controls, basic hand coating methods, use of step wedges and sensitometry and masking techniques. After completing this workshop the beginner platinum printer will have the knowledge to make platinum prints in your own darkroom. The more experienced platinum printer can use this workshop to build on their skill set and problem-solve printing issues. Students should bring to the workshop either 4x5 or larger negatives (up to 8x10) or a CD of high quality scans. We will use the scans to make digitally enlarged negatives for platinum printing if needed. However, the emphasis of this workshop is on making the platinum print so we will be using pre-determined curves and not individualizing curves for your home printers. Students will need to bring their own platinum printing kit. If you need help ordering a printing kit please contact Andy Schmitt at

Beginner to Advanced
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Tillman Crane is a large format photographer specializing in platinum prints. Artist, teacher, philosopher and photojournalist, he has been professionally involved with photography for over 30 years. Known for his beautifully rendered images of structure, from quiet corners to industrial giants, towering stones to carved effigies, Tillman combines his gift of seeing with craft built on years of experience. His four limited edition books work together to provide a glimpse of how this artist sees his world: Tillman Crane/Structure (2001), Touchstones (2005), Odin Stone (2008), A Walk Along the Jordan (2009). Tillman is known for his easy going and fully committed teaching style. His workshops are engaging, informative experiences which push and challenge participants beyond the confines of old patterns. Visit for more about his work.