Polaroid Image Techniques at Peters Valley Craft Center
Ray Yaros & Andy Schmitt
July 29 – August 2

The Polaroid manipulated image is reborn. The Impossible Project is now producing B&W and color instant integral films for the Polaroid SX70 and 600 cameras. Polaroid image transfers and lifts live on via the use of Fuji peel apart films available as pack and 4x5 films that fit the same cameras, backs and copiers as the Polaroid films. This workshop is for visual artists and photographers who wish to create one-of-a-kind images, interpreting their subject by capturing its essence not just making a record. We will explore 3 different techniques using the new materials: manipulating SX70 images, image transfers and emulsion lifts. While they are used in a similar manner to the original Polaroid materials, the new films require some different techniques to work successfully. These will be provided, followed by lots of lab time for practice and experimentation. 35 mm slides or 4x6 to 8x10 prints are recommended as originals. A few cameras will be available to shoot directly on film. A recently acquired Polaroid MP-4 copy Stand should be operational for class use as well!

Beginner to Advanced
Please visit http://www.petersvalley.org for registration details & costs

Ray Yaros has been photographing for 35 years and teaching workshops for the last 5 years. He is known for both his finely crafted large format B & W landscapes that have resulted in unsolicited commissions and his impressionistic color work via the creative use of three different alternative Polaroid processes, including discovering some new ones while experimenting with the Fuji replacement for the discontinued Polaroid films.

Andy Schmitt is a Photographer and has been the Department head of Photography for Peters Valley Craft Center for 9 years now. He has been involved in Photography for 45+ years. In times of moderate insanity, he has also been a chemist, systems designer and web programmer but luckily has regained and held onto some of his sanity for 10+ years now and stayed with the Camera. Andy works in most forms of traditional, alternative & digital photography, both Lensed and otherwise. Andy’s work has been exhibited and collected both in the USA and overseas.