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Thread: Stables in soot

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    Stables in soot

    This is a 3"x4.5" carbon print made to test my latest batch of tissue made from nice fresh chimney soot that collected over the winter The image was captured over Christmas on a paper negative with my baby 6x9cm view camera and the print made from a digital negative. I used a 100mm lens off an old Kodak folder which I swung to get the focus along the wall of the stables.

    The scan does not do the print justice; although there is no relief in the print, you can feel bumps from the larger particles of soot that remain in the shadow areas.

    Best regards,

    Evan Attached files

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    Stables in soot

    Very nice, Evan. It is good to see a carbon print from time to time.

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    Stables in soot

    Very nice! Chimney (my German Grandmother called it a chimbley) soot, who'd a thunk........

    This has a very vintage look to it. I await more from your stash of soot .

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    Stables in soot

    Yep, lamp black pigment. You can buy it, of course, but that's no fun!
    Nice work!

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    Stables in soot

    Very nice picture and technique.

    You can buy it, of course, but that's no fun!
    Mary, I agree fully. This is a general statement valid for pinholers, not all but the most.

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    Stables in soot

    Well, I would have to buy it. I don't have a chimney!

    Nice image by the way.

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    Stables in soot

    A nice image indeed. Well captured and it sure looks well printed to me.

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