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Thread: The B/B series in Utrecht/NL ! (pics added)

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    The B/B series in Utrecht/NL ! (pics added)

    Hi all,

    Exciting news (at least it's exciting for me): the large part of the B/B series (well-known to some of the faithful f295 members) is about to be exhibited.
    In my home town of Utrecht / The Netherlands there's a new initiative to boost the neighborhood, and part of that is a new location to organize exhibitions. It's part of the renovation of train station "Utrecht Overvecht", and I will be showing my B/B series the whole month of May.

    That will be the second show in this new venue, and of course it will immediately set a mark in quality 8)
    OK, just kidding, but the people running it were quite enthusiastic when I showed some of the pictures.
    So I was invited to exhibit right after the opening exhibit, which ends April 28.
    I will hang the show on May 2, and it's open every Monday thru Friday from 1PM to 6PM.

    If you're passing Utrecht/Overvecht by train, be sure to make a stop

    One of the images that will be shown is attached.

    update May 2: its reality, I posted some pics of the expo (and of a proud pinhole photographer :-))

    Greetings, Danny Attached files

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    The B/B series in Utrecht/NL ! (pics added)

    Danny, congratulations to your success.

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    The B/B series in Utrecht/NL ! (pics added)

    Congratulations indeed!! A wonderful series and well deserving of the recognition. Please take some photos of the installation for us.

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    The B/B series in Utrecht/NL ! (pics added)

    Congratulations, Danny! If this is a sample of what's in store, everyone is in for a treat! Wish I could zip over there to see it!

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    The B/B series in Utrecht/NL ! (pics added)

    Congratulations, Danny....and well deserved too.

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    The B/B series in Utrecht/NL ! (pics added)

    The expo as seen from the entrance of the venue

    Attached files

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    The B/B series in Utrecht/NL ! (pics added)

    Looking around the corner.
    As you can see, it's also a kind of meeting room and workshop location Attached files

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    The B/B series in Utrecht/NL ! (pics added)

    A proud photographer, after some woodwork, placing screws and hang-wires, and finally hanging the framed pictures!

    Attached files

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    The B/B series in Utrecht/NL ! (pics added)

    Congratulations, Danny - it looks like a beautiful presentation. And you are looking dashing as well . . .

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    The B/B series in Utrecht/NL ! (pics added)

    Today, Saturday May 14, the renewed trainstation was opened, with a performance of the opera choir of Utrecht (my home town).
    As the entrance to the trains is a kind of amphi-theater, an open-air concert was the natural way to celebrate the opening.

    I was present, of course, curious, involved, and also as a sort of opening of my exhibition..
    It was great: sunny weather, some questions about the exhibit, compliments and... I even sold 3 photographs!
    To some unknown man who wants to start collecting photographs beside his paintings collection
    That type of recognition and compliments makes this photographer happy,
    and that man is of course very smart, my work is still cheap now 8)

    Given the family situation at the moment (father of my wife was taken into hospital) it was a very nice "lifting" afternoon.

    And though I'm not especially an opera lover, it was nice to hear some of the genre's greatest hits like "va pensiere" or "toreador" being performed live in front of you. Attached is a picture of the setting, I did make some pinhole shots of the event, maybe in a week or so they will be posted (if any good)

    Cheers, Danny Attached files

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