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Thread: Fuji Cherry Blossom 5x7

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    will check that again. interesting craft! thank you for sharing! this inspires me to make another pinhole camera hahaha

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    Cezary: Many thanks for your comments.

    Jefrey: take a look at the beginning of this thread and you can see that the pinholes are mounted in a slide mount which is interchangeable.

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    As I used mainly the FL-120 mm front part I decided to build a more stable one with the possibility to rise and fall the front. As the back part is fix and I cannot turn the film mount by 90 degree I had to find a solution to turn the rise/fall part of the front by 90 degree. With the new front part I can move the pinhole by maximum plus minus 3 cm. If this shouldn't be enough I can still tilt the whole camera in addition.

    The new front is built mainly using 2 mm cardboard. The new focal length is 119 mm, the pinhole has a diameter of 0.40 mm and is mounted with tape. I don't intend to change it as I made very good experience with a 0.40 mm at 120 mm focal length.

    The new front part with the rise/fall possibilities, mounted in portrait position.

    The rise/fall part in detail. astonishingly everything was light-tight right from the beginning.

    Detail of the rise/fall mount

    Portrait and landscape position. The change of the positions is very quick. As you can see in the picture at the 3 cm position it fits barely. next time I should make drawings instead of rough sketches.

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    You, sir, are a madman. And I mean that in the absolute most complimentary way! Thank you for sharing your brilliant design.

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    The rise/fall works basically fine. The plus minus 3 cm are usually enough. In portrait position 1 - 5 cm had been better. A first photo session showed that the framing is not so easy. So I built quick and dirty prototypes for adjustable framing triangles.

    To make the correct framing for a 3 cm rise I have to set the framing triangle to - 3 cm and align it with the + 3 cm identification mark on the camera.

    The camera in operation today with the new identification marks. The framing with a fix triangle is still easier and more precise but the adjustable triangles work fine so far.

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    Thanks for sharing! The camera is great, and I like the slide rule as well. The rubber triangle for shift -- you just bring into life the idea I bear in my mind for several years :-)
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    Here an example what you can expect from the rise and fall of + - 3 cm.

    All three pictures are exposed and processed with the same values. Fomaspeed S311 pre-flashed photo paper on a rainy, dull day.

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    Thank you so much for posting this.. it is very useful and these examples are helpful for me! A talented photographer can make wonderful pictures with this camera, as you have shown in other threads!
    Some photos: Ipernity
    ( pinholes and solargraphs mixed in among the rest)

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    really nice camera and wonderful sliding exposure rule! thanks for sharing!

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    That is a fantastic looking camera!

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    Many thanks for your very kind comments.

    After having the rise/fall possibilities I use them almost in every picture. The viewer triangles with the rubber bands are very useful and precise.

    The following picture shows the difference of tilting the camera downwards and to use a shift of the pinhole downwards keeping the camera leveled.

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