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    I've had to fly quite a bit to and from Arizona these last few weeks for work.... I was able to take the Zero pinhole camera with me one time. On a flight back to MN, I saw this opportunity and it's a hand held 2 second exposure with me leaning right up against the perspex inside window. Film was Kodak TMY-II developed in TMAX dev 1:4

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    Neat image. Never thought about using a pinhole out a airplane window. Nice tone and flare.

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    That is a very cool, Andrew. Pinhole out of a plane window is brave, indeed.

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    That's very sharp for a hand-held 2 second exposure, Andrew !

    Even one where you pressed it against the window, as I thought vibration might have rendered it slightly less sharp than it has?

    I love the speed effect as the plane passes the clouds.

    This and the other image you posted are typical of your strong, well composed images.

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    Really cool. I would never admit even the idea of trying this :-)

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    Clouds are like sheeps

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    Thanks everyone.... I do admit I was rolling the dice doing handheld pinhole shots. However, after seeing what a local Pinholer did by holding his Zero camera out of an open sun roof while another friend drove, was simply astounding... I figured that by holding the camera in both hands with my knuckles touching the perspex safety window on the inside of the plane, was worth a try at least. I myself, am pleasantly surprised by the result. Sometimes serendipity can pay off, sometimes not.

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    Great! I really like it. Last time before my flight home i tought about pinhole shot like that but i was to tired and lazy.

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