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Thread: Enchanted Rock

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    Enchanted Rock

    Taken at Enchanted Rock State Park in central Texas. Wooden Bender 4x5 camera with Tri-X. TerryK

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    Enchanted Rock

    Very dramatic scenery, like from an other world.

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    Enchanted Rock

    I've never figured out the nearly vertical dark line in the sky to the left of the mound. I believe it was about a 2 minute exposure and sometimes anomalies in the negative with long exposure add to the image and sometimes detract. TerryK

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    Enchanted Rock

    realy dramatic, cool!

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    Enchanted Rock

    i like the contrast between the blurry sky and sharp details of the foreground. the line between them looks almost like sabattier effect.

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    Enchanted Rock

    I've been there many times and would not have recognized this, but it's an amazing image.

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    Enchanted Rock

    Thanks for the comments. I tried to photograph the main granite structure but found it too massive so settled for some outcroppings at the southern end of the park. TerryK.

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    Enchanted Rock

    It looks like there is some Enchanted post-processing going also. How did you get the mackie lines on the horizon? Great photo.

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    Enchanted Rock

    I'm afraid I don't know a mackie line from a madoff circle but I did adjust the contrast in photoshop to bring out the clouds. TerryK

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    Enchanted Rock

    A Mackie line is an intense highlight around objects. It's quite visible here in the line around the rock and the bush on top of it. Usually they occur with the Sabbatier effect but sometimes naturally and usually with higher contrast subjects. And sometimes in high contrast situations along a horizon line. I suspect the effect here was due to maybe some unsharp masking(?) during your computer manipulations. It's a striking image and would probably make a great print.

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