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Thread: walk in the woods

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    walk in the woods

    Last week on a camping trip to Ludington St. Park I took a walk in the woods and made a few images. This is one of them.
    Wide angle 4x5 Leonardo
    Ilford Delta 100
    16 sec exposure Attached files

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    walk in the woods

    I like it! The mix of non-moving ground going up into the moving branches really adds to the photo.

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    walk in the woods

    I like it too.

    The highlight is very soft.

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    walk in the woods

    cool atmosphere!

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    walk in the woods

    Beautiful mysterious picture.

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    walk in the woods

    Wow. I love the shot. Looks like it was a bit windy that day.

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    walk in the woods

    Beautiful. More comment in Lensless Thoughts and Observations. TerryK

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    walk in the woods

    As somebody else mentioned, there is a nice combination of sharp and softness. Some good depth created by the lighter tree in the middle of frame too.

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    walk in the woods

    A well seen and captured image Ketch. Very impressionistic in it's presentation - inviting one to have a second and third look. I do like it.



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