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Thread: South Bull Wall and Half Moon swimming club

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    South Bull Wall and Half Moon swimming club

    Last week i visited Ireland and finally meet George Sheils (Seoirse). Our expedition wasn't too far, but very nice. George posted his first pinholes, my are still unscanned (i'll try to post some images on the weekend). At this moment i can share some zone plate pictures. Weather was perfect-warm sunny day and no wind. Friendly people around. We walked almost 4 hours- every third person on the pier asked the same set of questions- "are they wooden boxes a cameras", " is this really works" etc.
    On the pictures below are: Half Moon Swimming Club, Dublin Bay view at Wicklow Mountains Attached files

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    South Bull Wall and Half Moon swimming club

    Very nice, Cezary. I really love the first one -- a wonderful study in light and tone.

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    South Bull Wall and Half Moon swimming club

    Lovely colours in these. I particularly like the red steps and the last shot, adn the first one...actually, I like all of them. I never got the hang of zone plates. Someday, maybe...

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    South Bull Wall and Half Moon swimming club

    What a wonderful way to start the day......torn between two photos. I'd like to say I have a favorite between the two stairs photos but they are just different enough to be unique interpretations of the same subjects.

    Thanks for sharing them and starting my day out with a challenge !

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    South Bull Wall and Half Moon swimming club

    Cezary, these zone plates are great !

    There is merit in every one of them but I love the richness
    in the red coloured steps at the Half Moon Swimming Club.
    In images 3 & 4 it nearly seems like a red carpet on the steps as one might
    see at a wedding. The hazy light in number 1 also appeals and is a fair
    representation of the light we had that day.

    Thanks for posting these and of course for sharing the day with me on the South Bull Pier,
    I really enjoyed it.
    Looking forward to seeing your pinholes now.
    (Can't believe we were out for 4 hours - time just flew !)

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    South Bull Wall and Half Moon swimming club

    Thanks for all comments. I can't pick my favourite- i agree with George red steps are great. Despite that zone plate are digital i can feel that unknown factor like in film photography- you never know what exactly will you get. You can see something hazy and blurry on the screen but only at home you can check the result. For me third and fourth is an example of this.
    @George- i just started to scan my pinoles. i will post it soon. Thanks for that 120 two films- i made short series at Royal Canal in Castlecknock

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