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    Picturing Time

    I really like Ketch's walk in the woods added to the B&W pinhole section on June 3rd. Sure it has good composition and tonal range and the other traits most pinholers and other photographers strive for but to me it also displays a potential characteristic of long exposure photography which is generally ignored in selecting subjects, showing movement and the passage of time. Henri Bergson said that movement is reality itself. It is continuously changing and has no separate or distinct moments. The shapes of material objects are not properties of those objects but are "snapshots taken by the mind of the continuity of becoming". Walk in the woods shows time as a succession of overlapping forms melding together and flowing into each other, perceived simultaneously. TerryK

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    Picturing Time

    Over on the home site I wrote a piece Terry, Pinhole Photography and Linear Time, you might find it of interest.

    It's down a bit from the top of the page. Obviously you are exploring a subject I too have taken a keen interest in.

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    Picturing Time

    A lens can capture the decisive moment. A pinhole can absorb the vital history.

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    Picturing Time

    Marv, congrats on a great thought provoking article comparing the time related esthetics of the f64 school and pinhole photography. If you haven't read it , I think you would like Vanishing Presence, the best book I 'm familiar with analyzing the work and philosophies of artists concerned with the temporal dimension of "still " photography. I'm starting to experiment with lens less videography (pinhole and zone plate/photon sieve)-- but that's cinematic time---a real can of worms.
    Tom, a very good point. I'm afraid that in video pinholes cannot absorb vital history at 24 frames a second so desirable visual characteristics of diffractive focusing may be the major potential benefit. TerryK

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