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Thread: More Riverside Shots

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    More Riverside Shots

    Here are a few more from the roll with the flowers image ( on it. I think that shot is far and away the best of them, but these are perhaps worth showing too. They are less exploratory, in the sense that I was revisiting some (for me) standard compositions, but with the zone plate camera. It figures that I got the strongest image by letting my eye be caught by a new scene in the same place.

    Here's the first: Attached files

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    More Riverside Shots

    And another, slightly different one:

    Attached files

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    More Riverside Shots

    And one vertical shot, of a favorite stand of sycamores:

    Attached files

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    More Riverside Shots

    Very nice zone plate pictures. You stimulate me to reactivate my zone plates.

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    More Riverside Shots

    The first one is great. Great composition.
    I must say, I do like your zoneplates. Suits the subjects you've chosen very nicely.

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    More Riverside Shots

    Three very good images Dave. I like the second view which, to me, is a little better balanced than the first. A classical composition, captured and presented with great sensitivity! Keep going.



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