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Thread: pico-7 (on the way to 6x6)

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    pico-7 (on the way to 6x6)

    ...not 6x6 medium format, 6 mm x 6 mm (1/4" x 1/4").

    To dig deeper in the subminiature pinhole world I built a first quick prototype of a camera optimized for 6 mm x 6 mm negatives. As the smallest pinhole I have is 0.10 mm I chosen a focal length of 7 mm. The negative mask is much larger as I'm using 135 film and I wanted also take a look at a superwide focal length.

    pico-7, focal length 7 mm, PH 0.10 mm SPI aperture, negative size 6 mm x 6 mm (up to 24 mm x 24 mm)

    The camera body made of a piece of folded black cardboard (the fastest way to build a pinhole camera)
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    pico-7 (on the way to 6x6)

    The different parts of the camera before assembly.

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    pico-7 (on the way to 6x6)

    The final camera with a tripod mount. On the framing triangle you can see the negative formats from 6 mm x 6 mm until 24 mm x 24 mm. As working f/stop I chosen f/90, corresponds to LV 15 @ 100 ASA = 1/4 s.

    First pictures will follow soon. (for a first test I loaded some Polypan F film in the camera)

    First 6 mm x 6 mm pictures in this thread:

    First sample pictures playing with the super wide angle mode of this camera: Attached files

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    pico-7 (on the way to 6x6)

    Renon! I have no word to explain my feeling. But i am sure you understand ! My subminiature camera is nearly finish !!!!

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    pico-7 (on the way to 6x6)

    Tonio, good to have a companion on the way to subminiature. Good luck with the first test pictures.

    Today I got the 20 cassettes of deadstock 110 film I ordered (Fuji 200 expired in 2008, so almost fresh). Now I'm well equipped to build further subminiature cameras around these tiny cassettes. After using the first film I can open the cassettes with a xacto knife and refill the cassettes with any kind of film by cutting 135 film to the needed size.

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    pico-7 (on the way to 6x6)

    In the meantime I converted the pico-7 to a micro-8, 8 mm x 11 mm (up to 16 mm x 16 mm) negative size. For a better 6 mm x 6 mm camera I have to reduce the focal length to 4 to 5 mm and make a pinhole of about 0.07 mm.

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