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    One of the most frustrating things for me is my failure to remember names. It seems like I am able to figure out how to do just about anything, but when it comes to remembering the name of someone I should know, I fail miserably. This is particularly embarrassing because the impression is that the person is not important if I cannot even remember their name, which is not actually the case.

    There are, however, other times when a name comes from the middle of nowhere and I feel a sense of accomplishment in the simple recall. It is as if the sun has risen and given me the gift of remembering something I normally would not. It is as if the snow has melted just enough to allow me to uncover that which otherwise would have remained hidden forever. I love being aware of these things. Attached files

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    That is a very beautiful and magical photograph. It has feeling.
    Sam H

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    A lovely zone plate, George, which beautifully illustrates the thought that you express in words.

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    Very uplifting zone plate.

    Profound narrative to match.

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    I'm glad to see this again. It really is superb.
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