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Thread: scancam is now a folder

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    scancam is now a folder

    I've often wondered if something like this was possible. You could think of yourself as a modern-day William H. Jackson, just bolt up your Epson 4990 to the back of your Deardorff 8X10 and you'd have a real conversation piece.

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    scancam is now a folder

    thanks for the interest, everybody (and welcome, scheinfluger_77!)- tom asked for a picture of the camera at work- here it is under the bridge to siesta key (i realized when i got home a shot with more of the location would have probably been more interesting.

    i went to the beach as planned, lugged the camera and computer out, shot a few soso images, and had a curious kid accidentally kick some of our ultrafine quartz sand on my keyboard. packed up and stopped at the bridge on my way home instead. also stopped to buy some compressed air...

    i will process and post some of the water-ripple and bridge shots this evening in the BandW area. Attached files

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    scancam is now a folder


    What is the equivalent ISO?
    Or I guess that's "What's the f/stop set at under sunny/16 conditions" ?
    How many frames per minute?


    Carry on.

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    scancam is now a folder

    daryl, sorry for the slow response-
    the 300mm lens apertures range from f9 to f64. f64 works great outside on sunny days, but indoors f12 seems ideal to me. in theory, i could scan 4 frames/minute, but there is a SLOW shutter lag on this thing (scanner software issues) that cuts that in half.

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    scancam is now a folder

    is it tomorrow yet????

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    scancam is now a folder

    yes it is..
    i love your camera!
    i am going to buy a scanner and a powerbook.
    and then i`m going to make a scanner camera my self!

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