A group of photographers with whom I am associated decided to show their works. The theme of the show was loosely going to be “water.” I have shot many water images over the years, and needed to shoot new images for this show. With a year and a half lead time, one would think that this would be a simple matter, but since I was trying to go beyond the typical water shot, I worked on a number of different ideas. I was not happy with the body of water images I was putting together and after shooting for a year I felt that I was stuck in a rut.

It was at this point that I happened to come across a pinhole sieve that had been given to me as a “Thank you” for having donated to Worldwide Pinhole Day (which I had helped found in 2001). I had not used it before and when I attached it to my 4X5″ pinhole camera I felt that magic had found its way to me. I was very happy with the series of images that resulted in its use, and can only recommend to anyone shooting pinhole that they give it a try.

A quick word about the titles of my pinhole sieve images. Instead of giving each image a specific title, I wanted the images to act as starting (or midway) points for stories that the viewer would make up. The title of each is merely a suggestion, and the viewer can choose to use it or ignore it. Attached files