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Thread: buoys and flags

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    buoys and flags

    Irresistible subject for me (for all photographers, or especially for pinholers?),
    a small fishing town with all kinds of stuff laying around and flags waving in the winds
    For instance: marker buoys with flags to tell which is owned by who.

    The result of the fishermen's work (fresh fish) is coming soon.

    Danny Attached files

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    buoys and flags

    Irresistible indeed, the flags really make this a strong image.

    Cheers -


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    buoys and flags

    I've come back a number of times, it is a compelling phot. The motion of the flags seems to compliment the chaos of the ropes. All that surrounded by the geometry of buildings and structures. Well seen Danny and great colors.

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    buoys and flags

    Fantastic image, Danny.

    The colours and movement of the flags really make it.

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    buoys and flags

    Love this image. The subtle colors give it a great summer feel...makes me wish I was on a boat right now.

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    buoys and flags

    Nice image. Did you by any chance shoot a closeup of just the flags. I especially like the color of the flags on that blue background.

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    I love images made with pinholes as they tend to show and express the feeling of wind and motion so well. This image is fantastic!

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    Hi Danny Very well done! I too find the flags a vital part of the image. Kurt

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    Well seen and captured, Danny. The flags bring life in this otherwise very static picture.
    -_- Best wishes from Switzerland, René -_- my photos on flickr

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