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    frankenstein panoramic

    I have been meaning to prepare a fully detailed show and tell on the camera I have been working on over the last couple of months on and off, but I realised I was just going to keep on putting it off till I had the "right amount of time" but that might take months... so here it is: a short description, a link and maybe a pic or two.

    Its a hacked nimslo body and a chopped twin lens reflex lens assembly. Despite massive light leaks (next film will tell me if I have plugged them) I am getting some great results.

    basically the nimslo gives a double wide 35mm format and the med format lens gives enough coverage. I have just done a new upgrade: epoxied an old broken filter ring on the front so I can attatch a wide angle adaptor from a video camera on the front.

    you can see some details of the project here:

    If anyones interest is sparked by this then I would be more than happy to go into a bit more detail. I think it would be great to document it a bit. And I would love to hear about any other peoples take on the 'nimslo panoramic' if anyones tried it? In particular any thoughts on lens / shutter options?


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    frankenstein panoramic

    I like these... really cool "gritty" kinda look

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    frankenstein panoramic

    one of my favorite pinhole cameras is a nimslo, which now has a 3-hole "shutter" on it. there are leaks at the hinge-end, but it is a blast to use. picture here:

    i love the photos- andrew is right, a gritty 60's photojpournalism quality.

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