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Thread: Public transportation

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    Public transportation

    It was a long time I last posted here. Cheers people.
    Homemade pinhole camera, 0,23mm pinhole diameter
    Across 100
    Negativ scan 2012
    Zagreb Attached files

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    Public transportation

    Nice effect! Feels like entering a wormhole. :{)
    Where was the camera placement?


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    Public transportation

    Great dark mood in the picture.

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    Public transportation

    This is a great photograph. Thank you for returning to post again! I looked up your previous posts, and I remember them. Welcome back!

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    Public transportation

    dbell-behind the tram Optical ilusions
    Cheers people

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    Public transportation

    Very cool.

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    Public transportation

    Cool is right. Nice effect.

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    Public transportation

    Ghost tram.

    Really nice work !

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    Public transportation

    Very nice. It looks like a train disappeared at warp speed.

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    Public transportation

    This image has an energy that keeps pulling me back to it see again and again and each time I gain something new.
    Thanks for posting and welcome back.

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