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Thread: Aquarium Lines

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    Aquarium Lines

    If you ever come to Baltimore then one of the places to spend a large amount of time is the Baltimore Aquarium. (Hint: go to the website and reserve a time to enter.) Not only are the contents of the building interesting enough to spend at least a full day exploring and learning, but the building itself is a piece of art.

    This 4X5″ pinhole sieve image takes its vantage point near the main entrance, looking up, through, and past. Attached files

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    Aquarium Lines

    That is a great image, George. I read once that mathematicians who become artists tend to like lines. I came to college as a physics major, switched to math, and then switched to studio art. I said all this because I like the lines in this picture. Up and down. Left and right. Diagon Alley.

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    Aquarium Lines

    That's a very beautiful 'sieve' image.

    Great mood and dynamic composition.

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