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Thread: Tinhole Camera

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    Tinhole Camera

    Great recycling! I like the camera, especially the clicker. Great first pictures! I tape usually the clicker on the film cassette. I have to try your method in one of my next cameras.

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    Tinhole Camera

    Thanks everyone. Renon, about the ticker -- that design isn't totally foolproof but it does work pretty well. Previous attempts had it under the film, even built into the wooden piece that supports the film. This was tricky to build and the ticker was hard to hear. This new design is fuss free. It aligns with the sprocket holes every time (though I do test it by advancing the film slightly), and since it's built on to the back of the camera, the ticks resonate against the tin and are more audible.

    One potential risk with this design, as I mentioned, is that occasionally light catches it, and it gets reflected back on to the film. This is especially noticeable when I shoot resdscale, because now, the backside of the film is more sensitive. Fortunately it's mostly contained between frames, though sometimes it does spill over into the exposure. And, of course, it's blue.

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    Tinhole Camera

    There are many excellent ideas here. I have about a zillion refrigerator magnets and have never thought to use one as a shutter, which is definitely going to happen the next time I made a similar camera.

    Cheers -


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    Tinhole Camera

    Wow great design and great results.

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