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Thread: York Minster

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    York Minster

    On a recent visit to York

    5x4 HP5 about 10 mins f250 Attached files

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    York Minster

    Great detail. Beautiful composition. Small tripod or straight from the floor?

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    York Minster

    on the edge of a low (~9") step

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    York Minster

    Wonderful light well captured. It's a good thing nobody knocked into the camera.

    Cheers -


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    York Minster

    Amazing foreground detail and terrific light.

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    York Minster

    A wonderful photograph — very pinholeish in nature. Really like the way the light on the sides is rendered.

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    York Minster

    That's fantastic, John !

    I love the detail, light and atmosphere.

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    York Minster

    Light and composition of the highest order.
    Well done

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    York Minster

    Brilliant picture

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    York Minster

    I like the composition, and the pattern in the foreground really makes the image. Very nice.

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