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Thread: St Pancras

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    St Pancras

    I've always loved this building - and can remember taking photos of it about 30 years ago with my new Nikon FT3. In the mean time it has survived an attempt to have it demolished and is now the terminus of the Eurostar rail link to Paris. I was walking past a couple of weeks ago with my zero image camera just as the sun was going behind the station.

    (edit to add) Zeroimage 9x6 Fuji H400 20 sec F250
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    St Pancras

    What a fantastic shot! The sun is in the perfect position to halo the building. I love the way the lines on the road lead the eye to the red traffic light. Superb.

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    St Pancras

    Brilliant photo John, I hope to take that Paris/London train ride some day and will have this image in mind when i arrive.

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    St Pancras

    I like the use of the red lines in conjunction with the red lights in the distance. Well framed and effective.

    Cheers -


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    St Pancras

    Excellent shot with an atmosphere.

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    St Pancras

    Beautiful shot, John. Love the red traffic lines -- great composition!

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    St Pancras

    Perfect shot

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    St Pancras

    I have got to get one of these cameras.

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    St Pancras

    I like the atmosphere in this shot. Really a beautiful, photogenic building.

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    Very nicely composed, and beautiful light!

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