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Thread: Bernalillo, New Mexico

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    Bernalillo, New Mexico

    Several pinhole photos taken in the town of Bernalillo, New Mexico. F240, 4x5 cigar box pinhole camera, preflashed grade 2 paper, exposures 20-30 seconds.


    Saw Mill:

    V & L Motors:


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    Bernalillo, New Mexico

    Very nice images. I like the graffiti shot the best.

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    Bernalillo, New Mexico

    Yes, nice set of images. I too like the first one the best.

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    Bernalillo, New Mexico

    the first one rocks.

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    Bernalillo, New Mexico

    Great series Joe. Your technical and aesthetic mastery of the pinhole is always a source of inspiration. Thanks for sharing!



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    Bernalillo, New Mexico

    A great set of images, hopeful there is a better side to the place.

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    Bernalillo, New Mexico

    I really like 'V&L Motors'. Nice even exposure across the frame from that cigar box camera too.

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    Bernalillo, New Mexico


    #1 is classic. I have a passion for doors so #2 does it for me too. #3 is really cute.

    Looking at that clear sky, you did a fantastic job in taming the paper negative.

    Best regards,


    EDIT. I have a soft spot for graffiti, never been any good at doing it myself though.

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    Bernalillo, New Mexico

    I do like the first one, but the second one really gets my attention due to the oblique lines on the door.

    Cheers -


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    Bernalillo, New Mexico

    A great series of pictures, Joe. The first shot is really very attracting. Excellent quality for 4x5 paper negatives.

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