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Thread: Christmas Fridge in soot

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    Christmas Fridge in soot

    Here is a carbon print of the wine that was cooling down on Christmas day. The image is the same as I have printed as an Argyrotype here.

    The carbon print is a combination of a new curve and a new batch of tissue (tissue poured in May and only just got to print with it). The pigment is soot harvested from my chimney, however due to a minor measuring error :B, there was way too much soot in the mix and the image only prints a fraction of the way into the tissue. Unfortunately the highlight regions only need a super-thin layer of gelatine and they wash out really easily. I created the curve for the negative to try to hold onto as much highlight detail as possible, but then lost some of the shadow detail.

    Hopefully the weather will be cold enough tomorrow to allow me to pour some new tissue with less soot in....

    Best regards,

    Evan Attached files

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    Christmas Fridge in soot

    I think the process suits the image quite well. This is a process I have yet to attempt, and it is good to see an effective example.

    Cheers -


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    Christmas Fridge in soot

    This carbon print looks very good although not everything was perfect. a further very interesting technique. Definitely I should have more time to try all these beautiful alternative printing methods.

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    Christmas Fridge in soot

    “Christmas Fridge In Soot” must get the award for the best thread title of the year.
    I don’t care if it is not perfect, that adds to the atmosphere, great image.

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