Greetings to everybody!

Summer is a long gone, the weather has gone bad and it's the absolute best time to hang out in the darkroom/scanner room, so I finally managed to scan some negatives from this years summer adventures.

I got some expired 220 film and put it to test, I'm not exceptionally satisfied with the overall quality, but that's how it is sometimes with expired film. The camera used is a mamiya back 220 pinhole camera, focal length 20mm, and corresponding pinhole size. I shot about 7-8 rolls of film, had a few issues with light leaks and reflections. The problem is I didn't scan the negatives when they got developed, so I couldn't see the ever present reflections on almost every picture, I know now...

There's quite a big collection of pictures, and many didn't make the cut because of the reflections that ruined the contrast, only on a few occasions did the reflections work in my favour.

Hope you like the pictures.

Comments questions wellcome as always.

Thank you.


On the first picture, I gave my girlfriend a wooden leica format 25mm focal length pinhole camera, and we took it for a test run. That's her sitting on the dock, slightly overexposing the film.

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