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Thread: The biggest fruit in the world

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    The biggest fruit in the world

    My little daughter sitting on the one of the biggest fruit in the world ! Jackfruit !
    Handmade camera with zone plate Attached files

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    The biggest fruit in the world

    Can't believe I'm the first (only) person to comment on this wonderful image.

    This is a fantastic zone plate image and I would love to see more of these type of pics if you have any, Tonio?

    Even though some of your daughter's face is obliterated by a sprocket hole, all we need to appreciate her youth and beauty is there with the one eye that we can see.


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    The biggest fruit in the world

    Very well composed. There are so many round objects in this image that it all comes together nicely. I wonder what that fruit might taste like.

    Cheers -


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