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Thread: Wessenden Valley

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    Wessenden Valley

    Here are some more local landscapes. They were taken about 6 weeks ago. Wessenden is a valley with three reservoirs feed by moorland streams. It lies just outside Marsden village, which is in the Colne Valley, suurounded by moorland and hills. As usual the scans are from contact prints on Foma paper that have had a quick dip in selenium. Print 1 is a waterfall on one of the side streams.Print 2 is a detail of the water from here flowing through grass. Print 3 is a different waterfall also feeding the reservoirs.

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    Wessenden Valley

    Nice, i like the way the Foma paper tones too. Is it the 132 Classic?

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    Wessenden Valley

    Yes, it tones beautifully, although I must admit I mostly just use selenium and occassionally gold, sometimes together. I have taken to the products from Foma in a big way, both film and paper.

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