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Thread: Wat Chakrawat

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    Wat Chakrawat

    The color version of the shadow of Buddha (I posted already a bw version of it here)

    I wanted to have some sun rays and flare in this picture, but I didn't expect such a colorful results. Attached files

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    Wat Chakrawat

    And as last picture of this series a smaller statue of a very happy looking Buddha close to Buddha's shadow.

    Attached files

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    Wat Chakrawat

    I'm torn between the colour version of Buddha's Shadow and the B&W version...
    I think the colour gets ahead by a tiny fraction and part of the difference is the impact of full frame vs cropping

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    Wat Chakrawat

    Stunning photos, Rene!
    You are greatly privileged to be able to study such a beautiful country...
    I loved the story of the children and the crocodile!!


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    Wat Chakrawat

    Again, Thank you Rene. No 10 has such a mystical impression. Very nice special FX cool!

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    Wat Chakrawat

    Fantatsic series of pictures as usual, and a very interesting narrative to go with them.

    I love them all but I think the third image is quite appealing and a lot of fun with the golden Buddha just peeping up over the level of the floor.

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    Wat Chakrawat

    Many thanks for your very kind comments.

    The children were about 8 to 10 years old. The Buddhism and a Wat is a part of the daily life in Thailand. So the Wat is also a playground for children, a recreational place for adults and a place to meet others. Very often it has some food stalls close to the entrance of the Wat.

    The framing of the pictures is a scan of a banana leaf paper.

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    Wat Chakrawat

    Thanks for showing us this beatiful set of pictures. The very long name make me smile

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    Wat Chakrawat

    Many thanks, Tonio.

    Although the children in the school learn the full name Thai people use usually the first part " Krung Thep" only or being more modern they simply speak about "Bangkok".

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    Wat Chakrawat

    René amazing photography ...truly delightful Colin

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