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Thread: Long overdue

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    Long overdue

    I took these pictures during Earl Johnson's visit last July. As he has already reported, Earl, Annie, Zemir, and I spent a fun photography day together. These are 4 of the images that resulted from some play with a homemade lens fitted to my mini-Speed Graphic. The lens is plastic (plano-convex if I recall correctly) and was commandeered from a toy telescope I bought at a thrift store. I mounted it in a rigged-up mattboard "lensboard"; the barrel is cardboard and the aperture is made of thin craft foam, about f3.3. The film is Efke 100 developed in D76.

    Sorry it took so long to get these developed and posted! I have a roll of film from that day on the shelf that I still have not developed, but I'll get to it soon, I promise. The first one is my version of the bridge at Celebration Park.

    oops. It's been too long and I didn't realize the max image size was 92k. Stay tuned.

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    Long overdue

    Celebration Park Bridge. Nice comparison with Earl's pinhole image here: Attached files

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    Long overdue

    Swan Falls power plant. Home of the turbine pit

    Attached files

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    Long overdue

    Pedestrian/bike bridge over the Boise River, along the Greenbelt. Attached files

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    Long overdue

    Attached files

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    Long overdue

    Finally, here's a picture of the camera and lens.

    Attached files

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    Long overdue

    Long time no see Mary. I like the format and the effect from the DIY optic. I have some odds and ends glass laying around, now to give it a try.

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    Long overdue

    Mary, good to see some of your pictures here again. I hope you are well.

    Nice pictures! Simple lens optics are great. Interesting comparison with Earl's pinhole picture of the bridge.

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    Long overdue

    Hey, nice work, Mary. The soft-focus vignetting is very cool. I still have some Boise 4x5's that have yet to be processed, so you are not alone. Thanks for posting these, and have a great 2012!

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    Long overdue

    Thanks for your comments, Marv, Rene, and Earl.
    Best wishes and happy new year to everyone!

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