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Thread: King Tut Jewelry

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    King Tut Jewelry

    Wandering around Baltimore can be quite entertaining. The imagery of the city offers so many possibilities that editing things down becomes the primary difficulty.

    This is a zone plate image of King Tut’s Jewelry on Howard Street. What initially attracted me to this was not only the store name, but also the fact that the shadows on the pavement allowed me to make it appear as it the radiance from the jewelry in the store was splashing onto the street.

    Just in case you may be wondering, the store next to it is Queen’s Nail Salon. It seems to me that they may have chosen a better font for the sign on the front of their store. Attached files

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    King Tut Jewelry

    Great ZP picture. I like blurr/vignetting at the edges and glow in center- together with shadows radiance it's really works

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    King Tut Jewelry

    A very beautiful zone plate picture. Due to the excellent composition it looks very dynamic although it has static elements only in the picture.

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    King Tut Jewelry

    Very fine zone plate.

    Don't know how I missed this !

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