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Thread: Kiwanis Lookout

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    Kiwanis Lookout

    The Kiwanis organization maintain an open space wildlife lookout in the Elena Gallegos open space area along the foothills of the Sandia Mountains, near Albuquerque. These images are looking through the structure's observation windows, at a frozen pond. F333, 5"x7" preflashed grade 2 paper negatives.


    Window Pair: (Exposure 53 seconds)

    Single Window: (Exposure 55 seconds)

    Trapezoid Window: (Exposure 1:20) (Cropped)

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    Kiwanis Lookout

    Joe -

    These are some of the best pinhole images that have been posted on this site. The tonality of all three is wonderful. Well done!

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    Kiwanis Lookout

    The first one is one I would love to see on my wall. The two openings showing different parts of the tree really draw my interest.

    Cheers -


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    Kiwanis Lookout


    Wow! I really like the abstract nature of the shadows/ highlights on the wood combined with the trees and pond. I have to take my hat off to you; many folks would struggle to capture both the shadows and highlights on film let alone paper.

    Best regards,


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    Kiwanis Lookout

    Joe, absolutely great, perfect shadows and highlights. The first picture is a keeper, also regarding composition.

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    Kiwanis Lookout

    Wonderful views. I like them all.

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    Kiwanis Lookout

    These are great, Joe. I'm really impressed at the way you've managed to hold the detail for both the framing elements and the outside scene.

    The first one, with the two looks at the tree, is outstanding.

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    Kiwanis Lookout

    Excellent set, I can only echo the comments on the range of tones, can't pick a winner they just hang as aperfect set.

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    Kiwanis Lookout

    I have to comment on this sequence which is wonderfully pre-visualised. Number one is so impressive. Pre-flashing is something I've not yet tried, but will, having seen this set of yours.

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