Hello and greetings to all you fellow pinholers.

Firstly, I have to say what a great site this is.
Tom, along with all the regular contributors and the steady stream of newer participants are providing a very positive space for individuals to learn different approaches, share (without fear of ridicule) what they've produced, and simply become inspired.

I thought I'd just try pitching in as a 'participant' to see if this works and introduce myself by way of an image made with my current favourite self-made camera Dimmerbox f.225 (focal length 67mm).

This pinhole offering was made in August 2009 in my home city of Liverpool.

Details: Silverprint Proof paper / 2 minutes exposure (approx) / Green filter / Ilford PQ dev 1+9 / 5ΒΌ" x 5" paper neg digitally reversed and flipped using an Epson 4490 scanner.
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