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Thread: death of 2nd scanner

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    death of 2nd scanner

    Yep, that would do it -- pretty permanently.

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    death of 2nd scanner

    Never say permanently. It may not be worth the effort, but...depending how big one's fingers and skills are...

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    death of 2nd scanner

    So, Murray, you're saying I'd need my skills to be bigger than my fingers to fix something like that?

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    death of 2nd scanner

    with fingers like mine (little jimmy dean sausages!) that would be some huge ammount of skill!

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    death of 2nd scanner

    Did you ever return to this project?

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    death of 2nd scanner

    not yet, i have lost interest and have been seriously lacking the motivation to buy a new scanner, for now i am sticking to good old analogue sources for immaging

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