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Thread: red line

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    red line

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    red line

    Igor - this is a wonderful picture! interesting, mysterious, lines, tonality, movement . . .

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    red line

    Lots of mystery; where are we, what is happening, who are they.......very nice.

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    red line

    I always love the intrigue of your images, Igor.

    You always make us guess what's going on.

    However, I expect the point for you is that we shouldn't try to guess what is happening? We should just enjoy the image for what it is.

    And I do. I love it.

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    red line

    so cooool 8)

    looks like the running of the bulls at Pamplona


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    red line

    Mystery is what makes Pinhole so interesting.

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    red line

    Man this is great. And i still have no idea what i'm looking at other than a lot of people moving.

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