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Thread: Same image, new (sad) meaning

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    Same image, new (sad) meaning

    How things can change...
    About a year and a half ago, I submitted a set of images for the pinhole show "alive/vivant" in France.
    It was a series of pinhole image of my immediate family, all alive...

    Last week my father passed away, and now this same image has a new meaning.
    I place it here once more, if you permit me to remember him on this forum
    (although he had nothing to with my pinhole photography, just that he liked -some- of my pictures)...

    Oh, and the series was rejected for the exhibition, but that doesn't matter anymore, not at all.
    Still very glad now, for the inspiration back then.

    Thanks, Danny

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    Same image, new (sad) meaning

    My condolences on your loss, Danny. This is a poignant tribute your Dad and certainly tugs at the heart strings.

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    Same image, new (sad) meaning

    So sorry Danny. A fine picture....

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    Same image, new (sad) meaning

    Also my condolences on your loss, Danny. Good you took this very strong excellent picture. This is a very special memory of your father.

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    Same image, new (sad) meaning

    I'm very sorry to hear of your loss, Danny. Your photos of the family were wonderful, and will be lasting memorials.

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    Same image, new (sad) meaning

    My condolences, Danny. The image does indeed take on new poignance.

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    Same image, new (sad) meaning

    Hi Danny - so sorry for your loss, thoughts are with you....

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    Same image, new (sad) meaning

    Hi Danny, as said before, my condolences.
    There's something special about a father's hands.

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    Same image, new (sad) meaning

    Danny, I remember you posting this before or at least linking to the submission at the time.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your father's passing. It's obvious from the way you speak that you were special to each other.

    In time you will treasure all of the good time you spent together.

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