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Thread: Tromra Castle

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    Tromra Castle

    Dating from the 15th century, Tromra Castle near Quilty, Co. Clare lies at the end of a lonely boreen (small road) which was flooded on the day I visited.

    This structure is less of a castle and more of a peel tower although some of its side buildings have now disappeared. Although said to date from about 1460 there are records which indicate that King Torlough Mor O'Brien spent the night here some 200 years earlier at a building on or near the site. Look, there is so much history attached to this building I could go on forever - let's just say it is very old and lots of stuff happened around here.

    Although this is a listed monument and is under the watchful eye of conservators etc I must confess to being a little worried for its future survival given that it still seems to be used as a shelter for cattle and is crumbling away unprotected from the elements. I really hope that Clare County Council can find the funds and desire to save it from destruction. It's a really beautiful place.

    DIY 5x4 pinhole; 0.3mm diameter pinhole; 45mm fl; Fomapan 100 rated at 50 asa in Rodianl 1:100 for 30 mins semi stand development Attached files

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    Tromra Castle

    A couple more views from the 'inside' which was extremely dark and gives the impression that cattle are still allowed to shelter here.

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    Tromra Castle

    and one final last look back as I headed back to the car down the long flooded track.

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    Tromra Castle

    simply gorgeous!

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    Tromra Castle

    George, a very beautiful series of pictures. Excellent work! It's hard to pick a favorite. This very beautiful, historical place should really be saved.

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    Tromra Castle

    A palpable feeling of isolation. One can only imagine, and probably not to well at that, the hardship of travel by foot and horse back to the remote areas. A tavelor could have some very cold and wet feet slogging down that flooded path.

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    Tromra Castle

    Great images! I like them all, however, my clear favourite is #1. Perfect atmosphere.

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    Tromra Castle

    @ Kier, René, Marv & Martin - thanks so much for your feedback.

    I really appreciate your comments and opinions.

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