Hi all,

Again a lengthy intro, sorry.

I have a bit of high anxiety (who doesn't) and when I was young, there was this bad dream I had every now and then. Not a real nightmare, but a dream out of which you awake with uneasy, unsettling feelings. It always was a variation of the same theme: I'm on some large and steep staircase, without something to hold on to. No doubt it was related to growing up, insecurity, and so on. No permanent damage, don't worry
It has been so long ago since the last time it occurred, I can't even remember when, but I do remember the overall theme.

Fast forward to 2012: we have formed a small group of pinhole enthousiasts, meeting every two/three months.
And the last time, one of us showed his photography graduation portfolio, where had created pinhole images that show the anxiety, fears, dreams and emotions of psychiatric patients.

There's the link: I got sort of inspired by his work and the story behind it, and gave myself the "visualise that old bad dream" assignment.
This is the first set of results, taken on some art object besides the A16 highway, called "lightning" It's quite high and steep, It took me some three attempts and deep breaths to really go up to the top...
All pictures taken on outdated Ektachrome, cross processed.
The first is looking downwards, and the second is the same shot but with the stairs disappearing in white, I stamped out the fence... Not sure if this is necessary.
The other two shots are one taken upwards, and another, taken looking down with some girl coming up.

There's more to come, and I'm also looking for a large stairs inside some building, to grasp the dream even better.
All reactions, criticism and comments welcome, as always.

As they say in Dutch: "wordt vervolgd!" ("to be continued")

Cheers, Daany Attached files