My 10x8 project has now reached the mk3 and I think this one will do the job nicely.
It has a curved film carrier; film is loaded through a removable door at one end.
It takes the picture and then can be used to make a contact print.
Two pinholes for taking: 0.5mm = f300 and 0.7mm = f214
Two much larger holes for printing, 2mm = f75, 3.5mm = f45
The shutter is a Cannon body cap that bayonets into a rear lens cap.
It comes apart to flat pack so it is easy to transport.
So I can take everything I need to make a negative and then produce a positive print without needing to leave the location. I can pack all the equipment and chemicals into a rucksack and two panniers, go camping and make pictures. All I need to find locally when I arrive is some water.
Early days yet, the camera is now sorted, it is light tight and has made its first negative and positive.
A few details to finish it and then I need to get out there.
The camera is loaded in a large changing bag, paper is developed in a Paterson multi 5 tank, which needs about 500ml and continuous agitation.
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