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Thread: Matchbox solargraphs

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    Matchbox solargraphs

    A while back I constructed over 20 magnetic matchbox pinhole cameras, i put them in various spot around the city of Nantes. Here's the best of the results. You can see the cameras and read about the experience in my blog entry here

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    Matchbox solargraphs

    Som excellent images, Jimmy! Clearly, the "photographic process" you exercised before exposure works well.
    Too bad about the water-logged cameras; hard to combine low cost and simplicity with great durability.
    Maybe several coats of varnish after closing the boxes up.
    Anything you used for a window over the pinhole would probably only be worse than leaving it open, as far as dirt collection is concerned.


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    Matchbox solargraphs

    Good thinking on the varnish Dave. I think that's an excellent idea! I think painting the inside of the matchboxes before loading is also a good idea, to stick down those loose fibres.
    I don't think the hole allows much dirt/dust in, on these cam it's only about 0.2mm.

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    Matchbox solargraphs

    You're right - a coat or two of flat black paint would seal loose fibers, as well as help eliminate internal reflections.

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    Matchbox solargraphs

    Jimmy, great project and pictures.

    I would also paint the inside of the boxes black matt and apply paint or a varnish to the outside. I wouldn't underestimate the dust coming inside the box through the pinhole. 0.2 mm is large enough that some dust can go in and in a city you will have a lot of dust. think about using film based pinholes. Film based pinholes are used often also in digital SLR body caps to avoid dust on the sensor.

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    Matchbox solargraphs

    More good advice. thanks René! i think a little bit of dust is ok though, adds a little 'something' to the image.

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    Matchbox solargraphs

    Awesome project and images! I really like the magnetic-mounting!


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    Matchbox solargraphs

    Ambitious project that turned out quite well. Thanks for sharing the photos and blog.

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    Matchbox solargraphs

    Really exiting project !

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    Matchbox solargraphs

    Jimmy....superb work!

    Oh, and I would be an advocate for leaving the dust as is. I think it really helps to unify the set of images in a very unique way.


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