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Thread: New Lanark Revisited

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    New Lanark Revisited

    Not posted for a while but thought I'd like to share this with you. Spent the day at New Lanark with Kerik Kouklis and family. Exposed some 5x4 polaroid that went out of date in 2005. 50mm Zero Image.

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    New Lanark Revisited

    Great to have you back Carl. This is super on so many levels and for so many reasons.....I think I'll enjoy instead of analyzing....

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    New Lanark Revisited

    Excellent photograph and very impressive results from such old Polaroid stock. I've had very mixed results with the sheet film I still have lying around.

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    New Lanark Revisited

    Thanks Folks1 Nice to see old friends Marv.

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    New Lanark Revisited

    Superb image.

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    New Lanark Revisited

    very nice! and glad to have some company in the polaroid forum!

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    New Lanark Revisited

    Boy are we lucky that you had your camera and this film with you... and that you had your eyes open for this beauty of a shot. Just magnificent!

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    New Lanark Revisited

    I like the picture, excellent composition.

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