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Thread: Whidbey Island

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    Whidbey Island

    These shots are from Whidbey Island, WA, towards the north end of the Puget Sound. These were taken with my ZeroImage 6X9, on Fuji Reala film. Overall, I'm extremely pleased with the camera, but I'm extremely dissatisfied with the results I'm getting from my Epson V500. I originally tried scanning in a single pass, and had lots of blocking up in the shadows and highlights. So then I switched to an HDR method using multiple passes. Either way, my scans are noisy and the images are soft, and areas that should have smooth tonal changes get gradient banding. I also tried VueScan and got nothing better.

    Coupeville, WA, on Whidbey Island:

    Near Deception Pass, at the North end of Whidbey Island:

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    Whidbey Island

    I like the peaceful, silent scenery in the first picture.

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    Whidbey Island

    Thanks! Unfortunately these are a bit underexposed due to a bad light meter (I had just bought it and this was my first roll). And now, looking at these on another monitor today, I'm wondering about my calibration on my home monitor. You should be able to see a touch of red in the building in the first image.

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    Whidbey Island

    They look great to me - and I can see the red in the building (though I don't have much confidence in my monitor either)

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    Whidbey Island

    My cousins used to live in Coupeville, and I spent several weeks in the summer of 1971 catching all manner of disgusting fish off the dock using green pier worms for bait. These images bring back memories from 40 years ago.

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    Whidbey Island

    thanks guys! and glad to bring back some memories. and Earl, having gone through the town, my first thought was "this place doesn't look like it's changed in 50 years".

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    Whidbey Island

    Very impressed by the first picture. Dont be dusapointed by scanning ussue, the picture is beautiful!

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    Whidbey Island

    thanks toniox - i like the photo as well, i just need a better scan of it. i have a negative holder from coming in a few days and should be able to really pull it together then. thanks!

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