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Thread: Endangered species

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    Endangered species

    Thought I'd take a pinhole photo of one of these before they all dissappeared.
    25mm FL on 6x6 acros. Some PS work to boost the contrast.

    I used one of those small 'suction cup' tripods you can get for about €5 on Evilbay. Makes for some creative angles.

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    Endangered species

    very cool!

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    Endangered species

    You know, if we decided to do a thread on pay phones I'll bet it would be a tough one to accomplish. Seems like there used to be one on every block and I honestly can't think of one still standing in our area.

    You are getting a rich tonal range and great chrispness to the photos; I like it.

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    Endangered species

    A cool picture. I like it. In the meantime almost nobody uses such public phones. Good you took a picture of one of it before all these devises disappear completely.

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    Nicely done. This has me thinking... I don't know of any in my town anymore, but will certainly keep my eyes open for an opportunity to capture an image of one too.

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    Interesting angle. Not to many of those left around.

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    Great perspective, Jimmy. This past summer I was on a small Scottish island, and the only phone booth there had been converted into a mini-greenhouse full of plants. The phone was still in it, hidden among the foliage, but I'm not sure if it worked or not.

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    What the heck is that thing! Just kidding, I even remember "party lines". Do you remember your ring sequence? Mine was Ring Ring.... Riiing.

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    Man, i haven't seen one of these in ages. Great angle. Makes what used to be a pretty run of the mill thing quite interesting.

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    cool... there are a few around limerick still, although they have opted for a sort of open air box now as people were abusing them too much... I think there was a christmas tree left in one for about a month... I was shocked to discover not so long ago that they now want 1euro to place a call

    nice idea with the suction tripod...

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