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Thread: Need some advice on brass cutting

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    Need some advice on brass cutting

    Hi everyone,
    I'm making a 4X5 camera and I could really use some advice on cutting brass for the fittings like the shutter. The thing is I don't want it to look home made. I'm not sure if I should buy a scroll saw or try using a router with a carbide and mill or maybe a simple coping saw. Also if anyone could share techniques on polishing and finishing that would also be great.

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    Need some advice on brass cutting

    I use a jewelers saw and fine blades to cut out the shape in brass sheet metal.
    File off the burs and fine sand ,buff or polish the surface. I then use a drill press to
    put on a "engine turning" finish using a 1/4 inch wood dowel with polish compound
    on the flat tip and over lap half the swirl. Or a "craytex " type stick can be used in place of the dowel. An example of my shutter can be seen here,

    Good luck..Imageon

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    Need some advice on brass cutting

    The thickest brass sheet I use is 20oz and its pretty thick about 1mm.
    I lay it down and,with a straight edge score it repeatedly with a utility knife.
    Then gently bend until you have a flawlessly straight cut.
    I have some slightly thinner copper sheet that you can cut with scissors
    (not your wife scissors though)
    and it would be thick enough for shutter parts.
    I'm a cabinet maker and use these materials for details all the time
    and they do not look homemade.

    There is a place here in Portland that deals in such material
    And they sell scraps, ends ect. With the price of this stuff, nothing gets wasted.
    Good luck.

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