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Thread: The remains of Alt Wuelflingen

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    The remains of Alt Wuelflingen

    On the way back from Alt Wuelflingen to Winterthur-Toess we passed on top of a hill in the woods the remains of Alt Wuelflingen. The castle Alt Wuelflingen was built in 11st century or even before. The date is not exactly defined. The whole hill was covered with several buildings but nowadays only the defence tower and some parts of the castle wall are visible. The tower was used as prison at least until 1764. In the 19th century the material of the most houses was used to build new buildings in the closer area. The tower was renovated 1983/84 and is now publicly accessible.

    rejeCAM 120-66/24, 6 x 6, 24 mm focal length, 0.20 mm needle-drilled pinhole, Shanghai GP3 100 @ 100 ASA, Fomadon R09

    Approaching the hill through the forest.

    A closer view of the tower. There is an access to the inside of the tower via the wooden stairway on the left side.

    As usual the people have to write on the walls or carve in the wood. BTW this was a very difficult shot as the wooden banister was in the shadow and the light in the background was very bright. So I had to expose for a compromise not overexposing the outside completely and to get still some details in the dark areas.

    A view upwards inside of the tower.

    The view on the top of the tower was frustrating as it had such a lot of trees that you couldn't see anything. In the past I'm sure there were no trees on the hill to have an excellent view in all four directions. As it wasn't worth to take a picture of the landscape I took instead a shot of my lovely wife.

    An finally a view from the top downstairs.

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    The remains of Alt Wuelflingen

    Neat place and a photo of the better half is always the right choice .

    I must admit to a bit of vertigo and the last one teased it a bit; I would call that a sucessful photo.

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    The remains of Alt Wuelflingen

    This is a splendid series, Rene. It is good that your wife does not have hair as long as Repunzel, so you can both pleasantly walk up and down the spiral stairs.

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    The remains of Alt Wuelflingen

    I have been remiss in not commenting on the quality of your work before, this series being another fine example. The skill with which you use these humble pinhole cameras and monochrome film to create such wonderful images is remarkable. I'm especially humbled by the portrait of your wife, a great image regardless of how it was created, but the lack of motion blurr is remarkable for a pinhole camera; the shutter speed must have been very short, yet you managed to expose the image with great accuracy, which is telling of your skill and experience. I look forward to more.


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    The remains of Alt Wuelflingen

    Cool series Rene' and very well done.

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    The remains of Alt Wuelflingen

    Many thanks for your very kind comments.

    The exposure time for the shot with my wife was indeed very short - 0.5 s at LV 15. So an easy deal for my wife. She is very good in keeping still up to 30 seconds or even more. My exposure method with the black cardboard is also very helpful as it is clearly visible for a person when the exposure starts and when it ends. To get best results I tell my wife how long the exposure will be and I tell her about 2 seconds before the exposure starts that I will begin the exposure soon. I can watch her then until she is keeping still and start the exposure. The last shot looking downwards was more demanding for my wife sitting on the stairway still for 12 seconds. The framing triangle allows perfect compositions. It's the best method I know.

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    The remains of Alt Wuelflingen

    Rene, your second one, the closer view of the tower, is the essence of pinhole. The shot straight into the sun, the wide angle, the convergence, the flare, it is all perfect!

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    The remains of Alt Wuelflingen

    The second is a great image - a good series though too!

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