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Thread: Grøtfjord, Troms, Norway

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    Grøtfjord, Troms, Norway

    Greetings from a new member from Norway. Been pinholing (more or less) since 1984, this is a picture taken yesterday on a rather windy day at the seashore.

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    Grøtfjord, Troms, Norway

    Wow !

    Great first post.

    Welcome indeed to f295.

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    Grøtfjord, Troms, Norway

    Great image, Trond Kjetil! Happy see you pinholing again. What camera did you use for this photo? 8 x 10 inch?

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    Grøtfjord, Troms, Norway

    Hello Jon,
    must have been lots of years since last time we have had contact. Thanks for your comments I did not use 8x10" on this one, but a Zero Image 4x5" at 50mm. Still waiting for film for the 8x10" camera
    At last I got to use the focusing screen I got from you. I managed at last to finish the back of the LF camera i made, and did in fact take a few pictures with it on a LF gathering in Tromsø few days ago. You'll find them at my flickr site:

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    Grøtfjord, Troms, Norway

    Wow! Great image!

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    Grøtfjord, Troms, Norway

    Nice job!

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    Grøtfjord, Troms, Norway

    Great atmosphere, excellent picture. Welcome to f295.

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    Grøtfjord, Troms, Norway

    wonderful! welcome to F295!
    glad to have you with us!

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    Grøtfjord, Troms, Norway

    Love it! Great shot that really captures and expresses the feeling of a windy day at the shore. Great tones, too.

    Welcome! You'll find a lot of great and supportive people here.

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    Grøtfjord, Troms, Norway

    Fantastic image!

    Welcome to f295! I look forward to seeing more of your work.

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