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Thread: St Anthony Falls Vol. 1

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    St Anthony Falls Vol. 1

    I haven't posted anything here for some time, but am still actively pinholin'. So why am I posting a relatively lousy photo? The reason is that it worked!

    The padlock is about two inches square (50 mm) and was locked around one of the rails of the fence. I raised the padlock up the rail so it would be right in front of my camera's pinhole (perhaps violating the unwritten but loudly discussed ethic of the photographer creating something that didn't exist naturally; but sliding a lock up a rail?). The lock appears slightly larger than life size on the 11x14 paper negative made with a potato chip tin.

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    St Anthony Falls Vol. 1

    Marv and Earl, I think I missed you on your excursion by a day or less. My daughter and I stopped down to St. Anthony Falls on the afternoon of July 29 and made the padlock photo. Marv, please forgive my writing on your photo, but the padlock is in the fifth image posted in this thread.

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    St Anthony Falls Vol. 1

    Thanks for posting your photo in this thread and feel free to "mark up" my photo any time.

    I saw the padlock there but didn't take the time to look closely at it. Now that I see what is written on it I understand the significance. Your potato chip tin perspective of the scene is quintessential "Tom Milller" to my eyes. I absolutely love it.

    A note to our fellow pinholers; the sight of a group of "Lumpers" really isn't complete without Tom and his bags of potato chip cans loaded with 11X14 paper. We make an impressive sight as we descend on the next unsuspecting victim......

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    St Anthony Falls Vol. 1

    Tom - I love this image, and the story is great. Seriously - this is one of your best images. But I think that your image and Marv's must be displayed side by side . . . .

    We should rename this thread to "Will you marry me?"

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